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Shape Up

Visit us to discover art you love.

See paintings of the beauty of Curacao, it's people, rich culture and stunning architecture.  As well as sculptures and many more forms of art all in one place. 

O P E N I N G   H O U R S 

We are open on Monday to Friday

From 1o am to 5pm.

Opening Hours

Getting here is easy. 

Find us in the heart of Willemstad at Hanchi Snoa 27, Punda. 



No upcoming events at the moment

W E   I N V I T E   Y O U   T O   A L S O 

Take this unique opportunity to visit Plein Air Curacao Art Museum.

The Museum

O U R   M I N I   M U S E U M

See paintings of past Festivals and learn more about the Plein Air genre.

From the start of the international art festival in 2011,  it was the intention to establish a museum to house a slowly growing permanent collection of the beautiful paintings of Curaçao made during the festival. A competition is held at the end of each festival and some first prize winning paintings are retained for display, that otherwise would be taken abroad by their owners and not be available for local viewing.

Every two years the Plein Air Curaçao artists paint Curaçao on land (Plein Air), underwater (Plein Eau) and from above (Plein Aerial) because the island, its people and cultural objects make for very paintable subjects, while the documentation in paintings also aims to preserve a sampling for future generations. 

Although the collection of paintings is permanent, this brand new museum's location is not permanent and will follow the pop-up concept of the festival itself.

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