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Art Foundation Curacao

is a non-profit organization


Founded in 2014 to help raise awareness of the creativity and talent within the art community of Curacao. We strive to promote our local artists and help boost art in all its forms, especially visual art.


Educate and encourage the public to develop their artistic talents in the widest sense.


Curacao has all the ingredients to become an art destination, 

which is a proven means to help boost the economy in a creative way.

Bringing artists from abroad brings at the same time exchange of new techniques for our local artists. Exporting paintings of Curacao, made in Curacao, promotes our island in a most creative and inexpensive way, as it is the foreign artists who take the paintings with them and sell them in their respective countries. Having more than 50 painters working together at the same time creates high and positive vibrations and a feeling of pride in the beauty of the island.

The youth of Curacao play an important part in our activities. Free art classes are given at schools, we give workshops for teens and free workshops for youngsters at JJIC (former GOG), which is the youth correctional institution. When beautiful art is being created, there is less room for getting into mischief.

Our organization is young but has already earned respect from similar foreign festivals and artists who attended in the past, as well as the local and international media.

The team is professional and tireless, very result oriented and creative, with the capacity to make big things happen for art in Curacao. We are looking for less expensive ways to communicate this to the general public and our local and international partners/clients, so that more persons, especially the youth, can benefit from the organized art projects and activities.

EST. 2011

Plein Air Curacao International Art Festival is our biggest project, in which about 40 international artists come to Curacao to paint together with local artists.

Find plein air paintings and more.

Visit our online store and discover art you love.

Kids Activities by Art Foundation Curacao

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