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See what the artists are saying about us. 

Gregory summers

It was a lovely country friendly people, great food and loads of subjects to sit and paint for hours.

It was so great to meet new
people, discover with whom one happens to click, to see all the
different styles and approaches and the relaxed collegiality.

Jennifer mcchristian

I had an incredible time here on the Island. It was nice to meet new artists friends from all over the world and paint the beautiful locations in Curacao.

paola luther

The schedule, the coordination, the transportation to get us to and from the Plein air locations was top notch and the invited artists were a fun and talented group to get to know.

melanie yzer

Very well organized and everybody was in such good spirit.

Time with friends both new and old, painting gorgeous Caribbean scenes, spotting and identifying a glorious array of tropical birds and big lizards

The organizers were fantastic. They really made us feel welcomed and painting trips enjoyable.  I look forward to teaching a workshop and to painting with everyone again!

Returning to Curacao for my 5th time to participate in Plein Air Curacao. I have loved each visit because of the friendships made, the exciting painting experiences I have had, the wonderful support of the Plein Air Curacao Volunteers and Planning Committees (who have always created special activities and found beautiful locations for the painters) and just amazing Curacao itself.

Getting to meet other artists, learning from them and pushing my boundaries as a painter in an unfamiliar environment is exhilarating. 


I really enjoyed meeting and working with enthusiastic local artists! Looking forward to next year's adventure!

Inge leonora den ouden
The netherlands

Joining Plein Air Curaçao is like an addiction. Once seen Curaçao through artist's eyes, tp return there is a must. There's so much to see and to paint, one time is not enough! 

Art Foundation Curaçao does very good work to organize this festival.

Painting in Curaçao with such amazing artists is a life dream.

The beautiful island of Curaçao gave me so much inspiration I did close to 20 paintings during my short stay.

Having been a buddy since the beginning of the Plein Air festival and also a local participating artist for the last two events I have seen the development of the festival from a startup activity to a professionally run event. The festival has grown in such a way that it has impressed me.

This year’s event was very positive for me because of the work and cooperation of the people organizing and running the different aspects.

El proyecto es muy vérsatil, es inclusivo y permite la interacción, a mi me gustó mucho su dinámica.

Niet de meest makkelijke plek om te schilderen,maar een ongelooflijke ervaring. Dit is een geweldig product voor de experiential tourism voor Curaçao en voorlopig is Curaçao met de Plein Eau concept een van de pioniers in de wereld. 

arthur oster

The plein air workshops were eyeopeners for me. A few simple tricks that I learned made me work quicker and much more accurately.

I am so touched by the hospitality I received from the Plein Air Curacao staff, my host family, and of course by all the new artists I met from all around the world. Extra plus- I sold 3/4 of all my paintings so I made my money back and more!!

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