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Tanja Hummel

My name is Tanja Hummel. My work is autodidact and I do not let myself be hindered by rules. By following Masterclasses and to join me by a painters group as well in the Netherlands (Kunstkring dePloeg) and Curacao (Painting Friday Morning), I am stimulated to develop my technique and material use. Standing on markets and hold exhibitions, is always cozy and you meet colleaques with whom you can exchange tips! Recently I have completed the following assignments; a canvas of 3X6 meter as back wall decor, three paintings hang in a reception hall on Curacao, and a mussel-logo for serving planks at a mussel-party on Curacao. And more. That way I can let people enjoy my work, there is no color without art! My moto: “your imagination is the power of my art!”. I live partly in the Netherlands and on Curacao. This is how I get inspiration from the best of both!

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