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Water Fantasy by Marjon Wegman

Water Fantasy by Marjon Wegman

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Ceramics and corals


Born on Curacao, Marjon is a child of two cultures. When she was 15 years old, her parents repatriated back to the Netherlands. There she followed the teacher training for needlework class.

She was never able to say goodbye to "her" Curacao and since 1988 visits regularly. She kept her memories alive by incorporating materials such as shells and gourds into her creations, but also by painting the leaves of the Dreifi di Laman (Sea Grape).

Marjon settled permanently on the island in October 2002.

Her creativity has further developed by delving into mosaic, but in recent years mainly ceramics. These 2 techniques are sometimes combined, but also often in combination with nature. Color and natural shapes are an important starting point for both techniques, based on our colorful island.

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