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Reaching out by Gwen Anderson

Reaching out by Gwen Anderson

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2022, Encaustic Mixed Medium


Gwen Anderson is a mixed media artist working and experimenting with a wide variety of materials and tools. She is currently focused on working with encaustic, combining natural beeswax and damar resin, shaping it with fire.


Gwen’s work is an investigation into the elusiveness of the processes of nature. Whether it is the movements of the clouds or the sea or our thoughts and state of mind, all things are always part of a process. Chaos and order are not opposites, they co-exist. She is intrigued by the formation of patterns and substructures of the organic world and its interaction with the an-organic: how does nature, as the tangible result of the interactions between matter particles, energy and fluxes, take its form? How does breath animate them to create the great rhythms and movements of nature? What do the intermediary states look like and which invisible, indescribable, intangibles states lie between these intermediary states? How do you express these invisible states and make them visible as nature organizes it pictorially and visibly? How to create harmonic, compositional works that feel natural and spontaneous? Gwen aims to capture the light, air, space, breath and vital energy of these states and convey her sense of mystery, enthusiasm and creativity to the viewer and share the feeling of curious wonder that she experiences when making her works.

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