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Mangazina by Lesley Peterson

Mangazina by Lesley Peterson

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Acrylic on 51x40 cm canvas

Lesley Peterson, born on the island of St. Maarten, has painted his whole life since he was in his teens. He sold his first paintings when he was nineteen and still in school. He is self-taught and developed and broadened his skills and knowledge of art through literature on painting techniques and art history.  Also by visiting museums and art galleries all over, gaining appreciation for the masters and contemporary painters. In the seventies he was a member of an art foundation called Libertas. In the past he has painted surrealism but now dedicates himself to realism or what he calls symbolic realism. He also teaches art classes to beginners and intermediate students and has had several exhibitions on our island. Although he formerly painted with oils his favorite medium now is acrylic.

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