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Lines in yellow by Isabel Berenos

Lines in yellow by Isabel Berenos

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30x40cm, acrylic on cotton


Isabel Berenos was born on Curaçao and started ballet at age 5. She moved to Amsterdam at age 10 where studied Performing Art. Thereafter she worked internationally in the Performing Arts field. Slowly but surely, the desire to go back to “the roots" arose, the yearning for research about her mixed heritage, creating from within, a combination of Chinese, Creole and European influences. At age 30 she moves back to Curacao. Here, now, she makes contemporary abstract paintings speaking about subject matters that touch amongst others (female&queer) Identity, Caribbean Diaspora, Spirituality and Nature. 


She works with acrylic on canvas, linen and paper. 

The society in which she lives, the Caribbean society, is layered and reflects much diversity and migration in its complex structure. 


"I'm living and making art from Curacao, because to me this is authentic creation : “discovery of Self”: art making in relation to observing today's Caribbean everyday life, beauty and hardships, parts of who I am and of who we are, and nature, while looking into history and trying to further analyze and thereby heal, a certain collective trauma. This is the main inspiration for my works."

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