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Giorgia Marzi (Italy) prize winner of the international category

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“Seu Lady”, 30 x 45 cm watercolor by Giorgia Marzi from Italy.


During the competition a street celebration is organized presenting different forms of art, including a Seu parade. When Giorgia came to deliver her already finished painting, she saw the local lady dressed in her Seu traditional attire. Impressed, she took back out her painting gear, asked the lady to be her model and quickly produced the painting that won the first prize international category. 


Giorgia Marzi was born in 1980 in Rome. Being born to a family of musicians and artists from a very young age she has been fascinated by music and the visual arts. After obtaining her Liceo Classico diploma she enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti (Arts Academy) in Rome where at the end of her studies she brilliantly obtained her MA diploma with a thesis on a comparative analysis between Lewis Carrol's Alice and Collodi's Pinocchio. Subsequently she has further pictorially developed this theme in various exhibitions. Giorgia has held several personal and collective exhibitions in Rome, Copenhagen, Odense, and various Italian cities. Her artistic process is mainly characterized by her innate illustrative vein and an extraordinary talent for portraits.

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