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Frame by Rico van Bemmel

Frame by Rico van Bemmel

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Rico van Bemmel is a graphic designer and art director based in the Netherlands. He is also a member of Urban Sketchers Curacao.
He further explains:
As a kid I was always busy drawing. The step towards design was therefore no surprise. During my education I also spent a lot of time with perspective drawing and sketching. Something that comes in very handy with Urban Sketching.

My education was almost completely manual, but since my first workdays pretty much everything turned digital. And now that has only become much more. 
I've recently started urban sketching, which really makes up for the time I’ve missed drawing.  I can't help but say that it's really fun. Especially in a group with other sketchers. You see their approach, get inspired by the different techniques and get to know the city even better. After my studies I immediately came to Curaçao to work for an advertising agency for 3 years. That was a great time and that's where my love for Curaçao started. And I literally found love then because I met my wife, who comes from Curaçao. Since then I can truly say that Curaçao is my second home. I hope to sketch and paint a lot more on Curacao!


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