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Forsa Natural / Natural Power by Rien te Hennepe

Forsa Natural / Natural Power by Rien te Hennepe

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Rien (Marinus Gerrit) te Hennepe was born in 1950 in the Netherlands.

From his early childhood he was very fascinated by the nature around him. But that did not lead to expressions in art at the time. He was, however, very interested in art, especially at a later age. After working for 30 years in healthcare, in 2002 he came to Curaçao for good with his current wife, Marjon Wegman, for him the most valuable decision of his life.

Here, the Table Mountain with its beautiful crystals and stones made a great impression on him and in 2005 he started working on the stones himself.

After making a number of statues of stones from Table Mountain together with a number of clients of Fundashon Pro Bista (Curaçao Institution for the Blind) in 2006, he continued to sculpt and in the following years this resulted in many statues.


He follows the stones, so that the final result is very varied. Besides the shape, he also finds the colors and the drawing in the stone very important.

He also discovered while working that some stones made a noise. He then calls these images “sound images”. His work is self-taught and largely figurative.

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