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Blue Mystery by Hilma Koelman

Blue Mystery by Hilma Koelman

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The start of a new painting is always a very exciting moment for Hilma Koelman. She further explains; The blank canvas is waiting for my ideas and decisions about where to start and what to paint. My influences and inspirations are found everywhere in the daily life around me, in large part from the beauty of nature, especially the ocean and my love for aged historical walls.


I’m an abstract painter. I enjoy the freedom to express my feelings and emotions and working intuitively. Listening to music and making meditative strolls along the shore are ways to get in contact with my subconscious before I can let flow the energy. The whole process during the making of the painting is a very challenging one with all kind of emotions. Making abstract art is my way of communication without words. Acrylic is my main medium but I also love to work with oil and cold wax, a complete different technique and approach. I’m always learning and exploring new techniques that push me further with each new piece.
As my life changes, so does my work.

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