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Built in 1648, Punda has always been the main shopping area of Willemstad. Narrow streets were laid out beyond the waterfront for houses and shops. Nowadays, the pedestrian-only streets in Punda create a picturesque atmosphere.



This historic fort (1703) defended Curacao against invaders. The fort is built with stones imported from the Netherlands. You have the choice to paint from this hill top fort or from the 19th century Quarantine Hospital perched up on a nearby hill.



Jan Kok is one of the oldest Country houses of the Island. From the terrace there's a view of the salt flats where nowadays flocks of flamingo's brighten the landscape.



Sunset Heights Curacao is a private hilltop community in the outskirts of Willemstad, bordering the North End of Curacao, with amazing view and tropical breeze.


boca sami

Boca Sami is a fishermen's village on the South coast of Curacao. Picturesque place, an oasis of tranquility and incredible spot for scuba divers. Clear water, white sandy beaches and tropical palms.

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boca pos spano

Boca Pos Spaño is located on the private property of San Nicolaas abou. Pos Spaño means Spanish Well, so apparently there was a well here with fresh water. There is a wide rubble beach and the coral density is quite high although there are broad patches of sand. There is a nice mix of coral and sponges. There are lots of Orange Elephant Ear sponges. You can see that the place is quite undisturbed because there are some old and large sponges. A nice place to dive.



Otrobanda is one of the historically important quarters of the capital of Curacao, Willemstad.  You can sit on a cafe terrace and have a picturesque plein air view of the gabled houses of Punda opposite. Merchants set up stalls along the waterfront, when cruise ships are docked in the harbor.



The "Zaantjessteeg" area is full of quaint and very paintable alleys with several murals by local artists. Don't be surprised if you are offered a drink or other welcome gesture by its friendly inhabitants.



The Curacao Sea Aquarium was developed directly on the oceanfront with a healthy coral reef only a stone's throw from the entrance.


fort nassau

Situated high upon a hill at the harbor’s entrance, it has a beautiful 360º view over part of the island and the city of Willemstad with the unique bridges that connect Punda and Otrobanda. It is located 68 meters above the Schottegat and was used by the Dutch in the 18th century as a fortification. The St. Anna Bay and part of downtown Willemstad were dominated by the fort. Today it acts as a harbor signal and control tower for shipping.


Playa grandi

Playa Grandi (also known as Playa Piskado) is a small beach on the west coast. The sand is darker, and there are quite a few rocks as you walk into the sea. The fishing boats sail early morning and come back with the fresh catch at sunset. Some fishermen prepare their fish on a stone platform for sale. Manchineel trees provide some shade. This small fishing beach with its authentic fishing boats and nets is a beautiful location to paint.


Playa Hundu

Playa Hundu or "Deep Beach" is an isolated rubbled beach with a bit of shade under the trees.

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Boca Sami is a fishermen's village on the South coast of Curacao. Picturesque place, an oasis of tranquility and incredible spot for scuba divers. Clear water, white sandy beaches and tropical palms.



This classical Plantation House is operated as a B&B and also serves lunch. It has a well-kept garden with lots of tropical plants including trees, flowers and shrubs. A horse in its stable might also catch your fantasy. From the several terraces you have a wide view.



is named after (the former) Queen Juliana of the Kingdom Of The Netherlands. It was built to allow undisturbed automobile traffic between Punda and Otrabanda. The original bridge collapsed in 1967 killing fifteen workers, and got replaced. It reaches a height of 56.4 m (185 feet) above the water at its apex. Its height was carefully planned to allow any ship in the world of that era to sail underneath and enter Willemstad's commercial and industrial harbor of Schottegat. For Plein Air Curacao Festival it is made possible to enter the inside of the bridge and paint the spectacular view.


Christoffel mountain

For the extreme hikers and adventurous plein aerial artists among us, we invite you to the highest point of Curacao, The Christoffel Mountain. The Christoffelberg is 372 metres (1,220 ft) high and lies in the reserved wildlife park, Curaçao Christoffelpark.

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Mushroom forrest

Mushroom Forrest, one of the most famous dive sites on the Island. Hard coral formations have grown over time in such a way that they resemble mushrooms, hence the name. Underneath each one of these coral formations an abundance of marine life awaits to be painted on canvas.

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