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Omar Maduro
Omar Maduro

Born on the island of Curaçao 1960

At a young age, drawing and painting captures my interest!
The motivation of my father by giving me the opportunity at the age of 11 to follow painting lessons with the late Antillean painter-artist Luigi Pinedo had triggered my motivation and curiosity. I attended 2 years at the then existing art academy 'Akademia di arte' in Curaçao.


On my 24th, I chose for my passion and went to Holland, where I started the S.O.L. (Stichting Opleiding Leraren) with drawing and craftsmanship as main courses and completed my studies in 1989.

In addition to my job as a teacher at a secondary school, I continued to draw and paint. I Attended several drawing / painters courses at Artibus in Utrecht and been busy assignments.

Painting and taking care of painter- and drawing lessons especially for children is my mane subject at the moment.

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