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Ilienne Nahr

My name is Ilienne Nahr. Born in Curacao, December 22nd, 1961. My mother shared that i have been able to draw people since I was three years old. My highest grades in school were always the drawing and crafting subjects. I followed lessons by Wop Sijtsma and Tony Monsanto at the Academy or Arts while Jose Maria Capricorn was director around 1982.
Throughout the years, priorities shift and drawing, unfortunately, took a back seat.
Years later, with extra time on my hands, i took the drawing seriously again and followed courses by Papy Adriana between 2018 and 2022. I am currently still figuring out if creating my own style or continuing drawing with different known styles is my way to go. I am currently most drawn to the abstract, surrealism, and cubism styles. I enjoy the feeling of freedom when i draw. Another set of favorites is Pointillism and mixed media. I enjoy drawing with pencils (for example, white pencil, or sanguine), oleo paint, Acrylic-oleo mixes, ink, and pastels. Audience feedback has pointed out that they enjoy my combination of colors and brush techniques.
After 40 years of working in telecommunication, I now see almost everything with an artistic eye. My art studio was built in my backyard in 2021. I renovated my home by giving it a fresh coat of paint and decorating with my own works of art!

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