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Dutch artist Frans Bianchi travelled to Curacao for Plein Air Curacao Festival
Frans Bianchi

Frans Bianchi was born in Rotterdam in 1951. He attended classes at the Academie in Rotterdam during several years. He also studied with Piet Middelhoek (1930-2004), an artist from the Dutch town of Brielle who became known for his colorful and semi abstract landscapes, city views and still life. In 2002 during a painting voyage he became friends with the famous American painter Jason Berger, who worked in his younger days in Paris with Matisse- Braque- and Zadkine. Bianchi and Berger worked together and had several exhibitions during 6 years.
Bianchi has exhibitions in several eminent galleries both at home, in the
Netherlands, and abroad.,. Bianchi is also regularly invited to special art events and was awarded several prizes, for example on the occasion of the 100 th anniversary of tthe White house in Rotterdam.
Bianchi’s paintings have been incorporated into several private collections in the Netherlands, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Germany, France and Japan. His work can also be found in various public and governmental institutions, notably the Rotterdam city archive. He had shows in various museums in the Netherlands. Works of Frans are in the collection of several
museum’s in the Netherlands.

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