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Farley Lewis traveled to Curacao for Plein Air Curacao Festival
Farley Lewis

Farley’s work reflects the passion of one who maintains his childlike wonder at this great big, beautiful world. His determination to continually improve and his faith that the Ultimate Artist loves to partner with him at his craft – these have helped him grow from obscurity to national recognition over the past five years. Farley spent a long time running a signs and graphic design business, and a long time as a pastor – he’s older than he looks. In January 2018, he recklessly quit his day job to paint fulltime. But he’s really glad he did – and by his growing popularity as a contemporary landscape painter, a lot of other people are too. Since his plunge into the art world, he has won his share of awards, and has been written up by Plein Air Magazine and others, but what he really enjoys is capturing those glimpses of glory he sees in nature while trying to live an authentic life and love people better.

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