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During the Plein Air Curaçao Festival, kids from alternative homes, kids from the JJIC but also students who want to help, created art by painting their own creations on small wooden blocks. The kids were given an outlet for their creativity and an opportunity to learn painting- and other skills. The proceeds of the sales will go 100% to the JJIC and each alternative home for more art classes. These Curacao Cubes are being sold at different events:

Plein Air at "Punda Thursday Vibes"
“Punda Thursday Vibes” is the celebration of the renovated Punda streets and squares, and it revives the Punda experience that so many people love. Don’t miss this chance to visit historic Punda during the cool evening hours after your beach day. Experience the art walk where you will also find Plein Air Curaçao! We will sell the Curacao Cubes, prices of the artsy painted blocks vary from 15 to 20 NAF. But you can also register for all our workshops: the Masterclass, Adult workshop, and Teen workshop.

Plein Air Curacao will join every last thursday of the month from 17:00 till 21:00, Windstraat (side alley of Gomez Plein in Downtown Punda)
Come and enjoy also the Happy Hours, dinner specials and more at Punda Thursday Vibes. More than 40 stores remain open during sunset hours till at least 20:00hrs. Visitors are greeted with live music, entertainment and special activities. Every week there is something new to experience for young and old!

Watch Plein Air Curacao at the Punda Thursday Vibes video

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