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Wendy Nieuwkerk

Born on March 1982 in the Netherlands. Since she was little she loved to draw and paint. In 2005 she was graduated at the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam as a Graphic Designer. She make digital designs and arts. In Holland she was making designs for Hallmark and Disney. But what she loves the most is using her hands, paintbrush and paint a
nice artwork on canvas or a mural. In 2004 she visited the island and immediately fell in love! The brightly colored houses, the azure blue sea, the beautiful nature, the bays, the sea and the tropical birds/animals, the culture. So a few years later in 2015 she came to
live on this beautiful island, Curacao. And the passion she has for painting and Curacao are shown in her work. She makes cityscapes, landscapes, and portraits. She loves to paint with bright colors. The style she uses is realism, Surrealism and Expressionism in acrylic
and now and than with watercolors. Since 2022 she joined the Urban Sketchers Curacao. This is a group of Artist that come together every week on Friday to paint and capture the beauty of Curacao. 

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