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Azul Kòrsou Diptych by Carlos Hiller

Azul Kòrsou Diptych by Carlos Hiller

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91.5 cm x 61 cm (each) acrylic on canvas.


Painted by diver-artist Carlos Hiller, this time not underwater, but in the Wilhelmina Park in Punda in front of live public in 2015. He danced to the music of the guitarist Hubert Scherptong and joked with the public while he did this painting in the wind and hot sun. His clothes and hair did not escape the paint.


Carlos Hiller devotes his artwork to depict underwater scenes. He was born in Argentina in 1972. From early childhood, he has shown special interest in studying painting, music and biology, and during his restless early years, he travelled to remote places throughout South America and survived river journeys in rudimentary rafts, lived with native ethnics groups and gold prospectors in the Amazonia and Darién Jungle. Motivated by this personal deep search, he moves from studying Marine Biology to exploring during many years ancient and modern artistic techniques, applying them to his underwater scenes paintings, getting an extraordinary sense of deepness and dimension.



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