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PAC Competition 2011

Video part 2

Plein Air Curacao Competition 2011.
In this video you can see the event that took place the 3rd of September 2011.

Plein Air Curacao 2011


A bunch of American painters go to Curacao to paint.

Competition 2013

Plein Air Curacao

Plein Air Curaҫao Festival's last event, Plein Air Curaҫao Competition. During this event artists have 2 hours to create their painting, which will be then judged. There are four categories artists can participate under: International Artist, Local Artist, First-time Painters and Teen/Young Adults.

Gouvernor's Reception

Plein Air Curacao 2013

The Gouvernor's Reception and Opening of the Plein Air Curaҫao Gallery 2014. This event took place in the Maritime Museum.

Submarine Dive with Tanya Haynes

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Plein Air Curacao and Substation Curacao joined together and sent Plein Air artist Tanya Haynes on a Submarine to a depth of 400ft to create the first watercolor painting underwater.

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