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Christina de Windt

Born on the vibrant island of Curacao. Christina “Tina” de Windt is a self-taught artist who expresses her feelings and emotions passionately throughout her paintings and photographs. Her educational journey in art started at the Curacao center of contemporary arts (IBB) and after two years she embarked on another artistic journey after being admitted to the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.
Currently living and working in Curacao as a graphic designer.
She started painting with markers usually black on white paper. Inspired by the colorful surroundings. She started to use more colors and a different medium such as acrylics. Her paintings are recognized by allot of patterns and details.
Inspired by her passion for life she is committed to revolutionizing the global art-scene as we know it.

"Art, the soul's language by which it expresses its passion for life ". - Tina
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